In our industry, we like to think our job is black and white. You follow the rules, you do what you are told, when you are told, and how you are told, and things should run smoothly. We deal with a lot of technology or we rely on our training to carry out tasks and fulfill responsibilities. Everyone is on the same page…EASY RIGHT!?!  Then someone throws in the human element. No logic emotionally charged flesh and blood, with chemically filled emotional brains. Sometimes without thinking they throw in a gremlin; whose only intent is to mess up your procedural layout step-by-step world. IT’S CRAZY!!!  Often the gremlin is nothing more than an issue that has been brought to you for a solution. Sometimes there is an easy solution, other times, the solution requires more work. When it requires more work, you use up resources and time… then everything goes downhill while emotions go up.